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Interpretation of words

The words 'us', 'we', 'the company', 'company', and 'website' are used to refer to Essays-stock.com The words 'Customer', 'yours' and 'you' are used to refer to you or any other person purchasing services and products from our website on your behalf. 'Product' and 'services' refer to any written material purchased from our website 'Order' refers to a written request for our services or products on an electronic form filled and submitted by our customer on this website


This website and the services provided by Us (the company), are only available to person of legal age (18 years) and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement and contract, otherwise, you should desist from using our services as offered through this website.

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All services offered by us (the company), through this website are strictly provided for personal use. Therefore, by placing an order with us/ or making payment to us, you agree to purchase the services/products offered by us (the company) for your personal use only. The company will therefore not be held liable for any damage arising from commercial Use.

We (the company) strongly condone dishonesty, fraud and unethical academic practice. It is unacceptable for our customers to put in their name in products and services we offer to them. Our services and products are provided as samples for research purpose only and should therefore not be used to substitute your own writing. The services and products we offers should therefore be used as model paper to guide you in drafting your own paper (s). The research and research paper provided by our company can however be used in your own writing but only if, it will be properly paraphrased and cited. Our company will therefore not be liable for any unethical, inappropriate, illegal and wrongful use of any written material or products received from this website. This include academic expulsion or suspension; loss of award/sponsorship/ Grants/position; poor grading and any other disciplinary or legal actions.

By placing an order and /or payment in this website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the statements above as well as the following warranties

  • Any written material provided by us are meant to be used for research purpose or for learning how to write you own academic work under different styles including but not limited to Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago etc

  • Any ideas or information used from written material provided our website should be properly cited

  • You agree that this website acquires payment for all the effort and time spend researching, organizing and delivery sample (s) or model paper to you for your personal use

  • You agree not to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify or display any written material from this website without prior written consent from our company

Amendment and revision of terms and conditions

You agree and acknowledge that the terms and condition as contained in this website may be changes without any prior warning or notice.

We strongly encourage our customers to keep track of changes that may be made to the terms and condition contained herein.

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